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A'ware FAQs
Frequently-Asked Questions regarding Authorware. These are a compilation of issues we've discovered during development as well as excellent insights made be regulars of the Authorware forum and listserve. Click any question below to reveal the answer. Check the Other Sites page if you don't find your answer here.

eLearning Chef


For a web-packaged piece, how can I program the Authorware application to close the browser window in which it is contained?

Aware Script vs. Javascript - which is preferred?

Can OBP generate the HTML code for the 2004 Authorware Web Player?

I need an installer, but InstallShield and such are too expensive. Alternatives?

How can I cover the desktop with a color other than black?

How do I prevent the resulting window from appearing behind the Authorware-web window when I use GoToNetPage?

How can I implement Microsoft's Agent technology into Authorware?

How can I cover the desktop on a Mac? Is there a Cover XCMD for the Mac?

What is the future of Authorware?

Is the Authorware manual online?

My Windows Media movies play sound but I can't see the video!

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